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Christopher Nolan Reflects On Working With David Bowie On ‘The Prestige’ | Interview

  The passing of David Bowie has inspired several of his collaborators, friends and peers to speak out about working with the multi-talented legend. Now, director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan has also reflected on his time working with the Starman whilst filming 2006’s The Prestige; where Bowie starred as eccentric inventor Nikola Telsa.   Writing via Entertainment Weekly, Nolan explained that every crew member, including himself[…]

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Legend David Bowie Dies Aged 69 | Music News

  Music legend David Bowie has passed away peacefully at the age of 69. Bowie who recently released his 25th studio album Blackstar was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago. His career has spanned over six decades and he was known for his acting roles as well as his unique style of music. Bowie had many acting roles in various movies[…]

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Chris Nolan’s Next Film Rumoured To Be WWll Epic | Film News

  Christopher Nolan became one of Hollywood’s most powerful directors after The Dark Knight Trilogy. Nolan brought an indie sensibility and style to blockbuster films and his success allowed to make challenging and intelligent blockbusters such as Inception and Interstellar. Every project is shrouded in secrecy and with Nolan’s name attached it also comes with a huge amount of anticipation.[…]

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