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Standalone ‘Black Widow’ Movie Recruits Writer | Film News

  A standalone Black Widow film, which fans have clamoured for over the years and has not happened because the rampant sexism in Hollywood didn’t deem a female superhero film necessary or profitable, might actually be happening. In the wake of Wonder Woman‘s success, the wheels have been put in motion for the solo film and are reportedly in very[…]

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Anne Hathaway To Star In And Produce ‘The Shower’ | Film News

  Anne Hathaway has come onboard to produce and star in the alien-comedy The Shower which sees the men in her life turn into blood thirsty aliens. The film has been described as being a mixture of Attack The Block and Bridesmaids, the script is written by Jac Schaeffer with the script being published on the Blacklist website. The story starts at a baby shower[…]

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