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Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars In First Trailer For Zombie Flick ‘Maggie’ | Film Trailer

  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin star in the first trailer for Henry Hobson‘s zombie drama Maggie and the film shows some real promise to be a thoughtful and interesting concept. With a screenplay from unknown John Scott, Maggie tells the story of a young Midwestern girl (Breslin) who is infected with a disease that will slowly turn her into[…]

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Elijah Wood To Produce Zombie Film ‘Curse The Darkness’ | Film News

  Actor Elijah Wood will be joined by directors and partners Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller in producing a horror film under their genre-focused production company SpectreVision. The project will be written by Brandon Maurice Williams and directed by Jorge Michel Grau. Curse the Darkness is described as an “anthropological zombie film.”   The film takes a historical approach[…]

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