Taiwanese American R&B Artist Jocelvn Drops New Single ‘Terms’

Bringing a new level of introspection and vulnerability, Taiwanese-American artist Jocelvn graces us with her latest single, “Terms.”

In this deeply poignant track, Jocelvn skillfully shines a light on the intricate dynamics and struggles of identity negotiation, particularly within contexts that often fall short in understanding and acceptance.

The song resonates particularly strongly with the LGBT+ community, shedding light on the challenges they commonly encounter.

The artfully woven hook brings forth the question of what it truly takes for one to reach a state of acceptance. Pulsating beneath the haunting melody of this alt-R&B track is a reminder that the journey of pride isn’t always as colorful and straightforward as depicted.

“Terms” marks Jocelvn’s third single of the year, following the successful release of her previous singles, “Hold // Ftb” and “Hold.” These tracks, featuring her mature and evocative alt-R&B style, solidified her as an emerging voice in the music scene.

Raised between the contrasting cultures of California and Taiwan, Jocelvn masterfully blends her diverse influences to craft a versatile and fluid Alt-R&B/Soul sound.

Her journey in music gained momentum after she performed at local college festivals, leading to opportunities to open for esteemed artists like Lucky Daye, Mereba, and Dreezy.

Jocelvn’s music is a testament to her adaptability and compassion. It offers a supportive space for the emotions she elegantly encapsulates in her lyrics. Her songs gently coax listeners into a world of feeling and reflection.

With a sound that is fresh, authentic, and brimming with potential, Jocelvn’s music is a striking blend of influences from artists like Syd, Jhené Aiko, UMI, and Kehlani.

Get ready to experience the emotional depth of “Terms” by Jocelvn below!



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