Taylor Lautner Turns Parkour King In ‘Tracers’ | Film Trailer


It’s a good job Taylor Lautner got so buff back in hisTwilight days as it seems he’s turned into a parkour genius for his latest movie Tracers. Directed by Daniel Benmayor, this new action film revolves around Lautner’s character, Cam, a bike messenger who escapes into the world of parkour while on the run from the mafia. Yep. That’s the actual story line. We’re not sure anyone has ever escaped into parkour in order to hide from certain death, but apparently that’s completely normal. Although we’re not sure running on roof tops and scaling walls keeps you particularly well hidden. Also, of course, there’s a beautiful girl involved that makes things just that little harder for young Cam.


While the stunts look pretty skilled and the film itself will no doubt finds itself a thrill seeking audience, we’re not holding our breath on this one. Lautner is in danger of being type cast in these mediocre roles of rogue-ripped youngster that’s running from the bad guys. We wish he’d stick to some lighthearted comedy like his stint in British TV show Cuckoo. Surprisingly enough, Tracer – which also stars Marie Avgeropoulos, Rafi Gavron, Adam Rayner and Sam Medina – doesn’t have a US release date yet but opens up in a few European markets this spring. Watch the trailer below.




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