Tennessee Producer Travis Wahl Shares His Remix Of ‘Flowers‘ by Miley Cyrus

American producer Travis Wahl from Nashville, Tennessee, has shared his new remix of the Miley Cyrus song “Flowers”.

This remix is very interesting and offers us another version of the song we all know already, it is very enjoyable to listen to again and again.

Travis is very good with instruments, indeed, he can play many instruments such as piano, guitar, bass and banjo. Previously he played in metal bands for over 10 years, which gave him the opportunity to remix all kinds of music and work on his talent.

His two previous remixes were also hits, having remixed Taylor Swift‘s “Anti-Hero” and Lewis Capalda‘s “Pointless”, both of which have four million streams.

Travis Wahl takes the full Miley Cyrus original track and uses it as a building block, touching up bits and sections with electronic sounds to give the single additional dimension.

Miley Cyrus’ original song was already a massive hit with over 260 million views on YouTube, but Travis then adds his own electronic touch to the song.

For lovers of the original, keeping some of the original components makes this absolutely relatable, but the extra touches from the skilled producer give it fresh life and set it apart from the original.

Listen and enjoy the new “Flowers” remix by Travis Wahl below!


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