Tenor Allan Palacios Chan Brings Historical Depth To Holiday Music With ‘Coventry Carol/What Child is This’

Allan Palacios Chan, a renowned tenor, is enchanting audiences with his new Christmas single “Coventry Carol/What Child is This,” released on November 21, 2023. This captivating single blends historical narratives with contemporary musical elements, offering a unique holiday experience.

Described by Opera News as a “clarion high tenor,” Chan is celebrated for his performances that traverse various genres. His latest release reflects his commitment to bridging the old with the new, combining “Coventry Carol” and “What Child is This” into a poignant medley. The song juxtaposes the somber tale of “Coventry Carol” with the gentler notes of “What Child is This,” set to the timeless melody of Greensleeves.

Chan’s artistic journey, marked by an eclectic range of influences, is evident in this release. The song is a product of Chan’s collaborative efforts with industry notables such as LA-based agent Gina Orr [NSYNC] and arranger-pianist Leonardo de Bernardini (Leo Z).

The recording process, undertaken at the Village Studios in LA, featured a chamber orchestra composed of graduates from prestigious institutions like Juilliard and Curtis. The fusion of ancient and modern instruments, ranging from the Flauto Dolce to the piano, enriches this musical tapestry.

Reflecting on the track, Chan states, “This music and video are aimed to create something truly beautiful, mysterious and enchanting—what I feel when I think of Christmas.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Landon Donoho and filmed at The Mosaic Mansion in Hollywood Hills, visually echoes the song’s historical depth and contemporary relevance.

The single is a precursor to Chan’s upcoming crossover album, where he reimagines classic hits with a unique twist, exemplifying his ability to blend genres seamlessly. Having performed at prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall, Chan’s latest work continues to showcase his exceptional talent and versatility.

Chan’s career, highlighted by his engagement with the Cincinnati Opera and performances of Kundiman, reflects his dedication to a diverse musical repertoire. His philanthropic endeavors and commitment to music that transcends boundaries are further exemplified in his new release.

As “Coventry Carol/What Child Is This” arrives, audiences are invited to experience the melding of centuries-old melodies with the allure of contemporary music, a hallmark of Allan Palacios Chan’s visionary artistry.

Watch the live video performance of “Coventry Carol/What Child Is This” below.


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