Teri Ivory Reveals Triumph Of Resilience And Musical Mastery On ‘Problems’

Teri Ivory, an upcoming artist and songwriter from St. Paul, Minnesota, released her debut single “Problems” on April 12th, 2024, encapsulating the essence of true artistry with a profound backstory that shapes her music.

“Problems” reveals an enchanting vibe, blending elements of contemporary R&B with nostalgic soul touches. Teri Ivory’s captivating voice guides the listener through the lyrics, while groovy rhythms and enveloping piano chords add emotional depth to the track. Subtle percussion and well-placed vocal harmonies complete the ensemble, creating a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Born in 1994 and raised under the influence of diverse musical genres, Teri found her true calling in R&B music, drawing inspiration from talents such as Musiq Soulchild, Keyshia Cole, and SWV. However, her journey to the microphone is far from ordinary.

Marking the visual release of “Problems” on the most personal day, April 18th, not only celebrates the birthday of Teri’s late mother but also commemorates the third anniversary of her passing in 2021. This tribute symbolizes Teri’s strength and the unwavering bond shared with her mother, whose spirit continues to guide her path.

Moreover, Teri’s music is imbued with a survival instinct, born from a harrowing incident in 2020 when she narrowly escaped death from a gunshot wound in the chest. This life-altering experience ignited a fiery passion within her, propelling Teri to pursue her dream with renewed purpose and vigor.

As an artist whose voice heals and lyrics touch the soul, Teri Ivory is not just an artist to watch but a story to be heard. Stay tuned to discover her upcoming musical masterpieces and join her in this remarkable journey where trials turn into triumphs and stories into music.

Listen to “Problems” below!


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