The Addams Family Set To Return With Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ Series On Netflix

“A twisted new series from the mind of Tim Burton”. That is everything we are given to know about the upcoming TV series Wednesday, which will air on Netflix in 2022. Well-known characters for what promises to be a new perspective on the Addams family.

Produced by Smallville creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, the show leaves behind what traditionally comes to mind when thinking about the 1960s and 1990s productions, to reconcile its design with the original cartoon created by Charles Addams.

And what better director than Tim Burton for a project like this? Even if the story fits perfectly the Oscar-nominated director’s style, neither Millar nor Gough took him for granted, because Burton refused another Addams Family project in 1991.

However, this wasn’t the case. Burton showed a passionate interest in Wednesday, because of the shift of focus from the whole family to their older daughter, Wednesday.

Another appealing element for the director was the amount of time a TV series gives you to tell a story. The Addams family, as we have seen over the years and several remakes, is complex and an hour and 45 wasn’t enough for Burton, as revealed on Vanity Fair.

The director, who is also the executive producer of the show, directed four of the eight episodes of Wednesday, but he overviewed the overall production, shaping the whole project.

However, this is not the Addams family we were used to. Wednesday, the main character, is now a teenage girl, developing her independence while in high school, and trying to survive her family’s cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Exhausting emotions that she can’t stand.

This coming-of-age series focuses on Wednesday’s time spent at the Nevermore Academy, a boarding school where a series of murders takes place and where our protagonist tries to master her emerging psychic powers.

The cast, as always, is nothing less than outstanding.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a super glamorous Morticia, while her better half, Gomez, is played by Luis Guzmàn. A young Isaac Ordonez, known for A Wrinkle In Time, interprets the little Pugsley and finally, Jenna Ortega takes on the leading position starring as Wednesday.

One small but crucial detail has not been shared yet: Uncle Foster. No images have been released; no claims have been made (until now). The only thing we know in this context comes from the Vanity Fair interview where Gough advices us to “Watch the show” to find out.

Have a look at the official Netflix teaser on YouTube below:


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