The Alan Parsons Project See 40th Anniversary Of Album With Reissue | Music News



The debut album by The Alan Parsons Project, Tales Of Mystery And Imagination, was released in 1976 and comprises eleven tracks based on the works of the great American gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Now it has reached its 40th anniversary, it is being repackaged for release on Friday, December 2.


The project has the full co-operation of Eric Woolfson’s family and Alan Parsons. The 40th Anniversary deluxe edition of Tales Of Mystery And Imagination comprises 3 CDs, 1 Blu-Ray and 2 vinyl LPs. It was a remarkable, ambitious and unique album, as former engineer and producer Parsons, with Eric Woolfson, steered a revolving personnel through the years.


To pre-order, and check the tracklisting of, Tales Of Mystery And Imagination, click here.



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