The Big Moon – Formidable | Music Video



The band, The Big Moon, has shared a new single, “Formidable”, as well as dates for their new tour. The video for “Formidable” is a little tease for their debut album, Love In The 4th Dimension.


The video for “Formidable” stars the lead singer, Juliette, driving in a van, and stopping in the middle of the road and jamming in the back of the van with the whole band. The indie song is a scream for being recognized as they sing “I am not invisible, I’ll be formidable”.


The van in which they play is sentimental, as the band has talked about spending more time in that van than their beds. “We had a day off in between cities on our autumn tour so we drove to the beautiful Peak District and smashed out the song in the back of the van” said The Big Moon while speaking to Clash Magazine.


The band is going to start 2017 with a bang between the new album and the tour which includes 10 dates, such as Dublin, Belfast and London between April and May of 2017.




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