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The Cribs have recently announced a new album and released a video for the first single from it, “Burning For No One”. The Cribs guitarist Ryan Jarman has sarcastically spoken out about the bands new ‘poppy’ direction. Jarman jokingly claimed that “punk rock and indie’s dead” and spoke about how the band needed to make money to pay for ‘private jets’ and that for this album, “it was all about shifting units“. He added that because The Cribs are on a major label, that they had been advised to “cut that punk rock nonsense out“.


However, Jarman is known for his cheeky antics and his tongue-in-cheek approach to interviews. He told The Guardian in 2013 that winning the NME Award for ‘Outsanding Contributions to Music’ felt like he’d been “put out to pasture” and that he’d been basically homeless for the last 10 years. He also took credit for giving Bob Geldof the idea for ‘Live 8’ on BBC 2’s Nevermind The Buzzcocks. The punk-rock roots of a band that have worked with producers like Steve Albini will never be in question. The poppy new direction seems to be a case of wanting to do something new rather than anything else; it’s not exactly like they’re playing it safe. The album For All My Sisters will be out on the 23rd of March.




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