‘The Development Process’ Of Films Discussed At San Diego Comic Con | Film News


A panel of huge film industry names, gathered at the San Diego Comic Con to open up about ‘the development process’ of movies. Vice presidents of Warner Bros., Century Fox and Lionsgate told fans the processes they go through when selecting something to turn into a film and how they go about selecting the right filmmakers and cast for their projects. They even mention how they try to balance creativity and sensitivity towards sources.


‘The development process, how they choose intellectual property (IPs) to adapt, how movies get green lit, how filmmakers and actors are selected, what mistakes can lead to bad movies, how they balance originality vs. faithfulness to source material, and how much they care about the opinions of fans’ is the official wording taken from a panel book.


‘Emotional equity’ is revealed to also be key in the filmmaking process, when films don’t make big bucks as there prequels, it can often lead to another film. Particularly in big franchises. Therefore, I can’t knock films like New Moon in the Twilight Saga. It was a bad film but led to the third and fourth books being made. The fourth book wasn’t portrayed that badly, so I have to agree here.



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