The Full Length Trailer For ‘Black Mass’ Is Here | Film Trailer


The full trailer for Black Mass has finally arrived and boy is it good, if the teaser trailer had you shook up, then the full trailer is sure to have you on tenterhooks. Johnny Depp is the notorious Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger in the Scott Cooper directed film, which – I’m just going to put it out there – looks AMAZING. The trailer is pretty impressive and Scott Cooper broke it down exclusively for, click here to have a look.


The film follows the story of Bulger, a criminal mastermind who brought a violent gang to fruition; flipping federal informants and using them to his own gain, he takes down his rivals. With corrupt FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) supporting him and smoothing things over, Bulger seems untouchable. Things all start to unravel though when the Bureau gets involved and start making arrests, with agents going on to double cross Bulger and eventually prosecute him.


After fleeing in 1994, Bulger managed to avoid capture for 17 years, eventually being captured in 2011 and being sentenced to two life sentences plus an extra five years for his crimes. If all of this wasn’t enough, the film is literally overflowing with A-listers. The all star cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Adam Scott and Juno Temple just to name a few. If all of this has you literally salivating (trust me you should be) then watch the trailer below.




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