‘The Godfather’ Actor Alex Rocco Dies Aged 79 | Film News


US actor Alex Rocco who is best known for his role in the massive box office hit The Godfather has died aged 79. Rocco played Moe Greene, the casino boss in the film who unfortunately ended up with a bullet through this eye as he angrily resisted a takeover attempt from the mafia boss Michael Corleone.


Rocco, who studied acting with the late Leonard Nimoy, was also the voice of Roger Meyers Jr., the cigar smoking chairman of the studio behind Itchy and Scratchy on The Simpsons. He also played Arthur Evans, the father of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, on the stylish Stars series Magic City. Rocco also voiced one of the ants in A Bugs Life, he was interviewed in 2012 and he said, “that was my greatest prize ever in life, because I did about eight lines as an ant, and I think I made over a million dollars“.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan said of the passing of Rocco, “for those of us lucky enough to get to know Rocco, we were blessed, he gave the best advice, told the best and dirtiest jokes and was the first to give you a hug and kiss when it was needed. To know Roc was to love Roc. He will be missed greatly. There is a little less magic in the world today. Rest in peace, ‘Pops’. Love and miss you madly“. Rocco’s career spanned five decades and he remained active up until his death, he also won an Emmy for his role in sitcom The Famous Teddy Z. He will be greatly missed and we send our thoughts and prayers to his friends and family at this difficult time.



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