The GTW – Calling Cards | Music Video


The GTW’s brand new music video for his silky smooth R&B track “Calling Cards” which is off his forthcoming album Chigeria (Nigeria & Chicago combined), premiered last week on Dazed and Confused and is a laid back self reflective video, and a very intricately creative production directed by Teho Media and The GTW himself.


The video is all about The GTW spending the last day with his girlfriend before she moves overseas, and is a very delicately mournful video which comes together perfectly, with the unique and cleverly arranged visuals that show flashbacks of feelings before and after she leaves. It also has themes of life without your loved one in a crowded city like Chicago and how it can leave you feeling isolated. The forthcoming album is to be released on AUDA Records and is sure to bring you more of these unique and beautifully blended creations.




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