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Quentin Tarantino was understandably disappointed after the script of The Hateful Eight leaked on the internet in 2014. Left with the tough job of revamping the screenplay as opposed to the leaked plot, Tarantino has opted for a movie experience not to forget… The Hateful Eight is to be screened to cinema-watchers in the wonder that is 70mm film, the same marvel in which Interstellar was displayed. With a much crisper, brighter view of the movie, Tarantino hopes to entice excellent reviews, now placing the focus on the cinematography rather than the plot.


However, it has been tweeted by Lou Lumenick (New York Post film critic), and quoted by other sources that only 50 cinemas have been retrofitted with the relevant technology to screen the full 70mm film experience, a dramatic difference from the initial quote of almost 100. As this technology can make cinema companies’ wallets $80,000 lighter, it’s comprehensible as to why more cinemas aren’t leaping at the opportunity to screen the 70mm film.


It has been rumoured that Rogue One – A Star Wars Story may also be shot in the same format, so it’s unnecessary to say that the retrofitted cinemas will almost certainly be raking in money these next few years, combined with the fact that the 70mm film experience is growing much more desirable both for viewers and directors. Was Tarantino’s hard work worth it, if such few cinemas are to screen the film the way he desires? The Hateful Eight is to be released in the US on December 25 2015. Watch the teaser trailer here.




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