The Heroic Enthusiasts Return With New Single ‘Pearls’ From ‘Fits And Fashion’ EP

Celebrated duo The Heroic Enthusiasts are here with a new single titled “Pearls”, which is taken from Fits And Fashion, their first of two EPs to be released in 2022.

Guitarist and songwriter Thomas Ferrara says that “the five songs on ‘Fits and Fashions’ provide an opportunity to glimpse who we are as a band: one that pulls from 80’s-based nostalgia and turns it into something modern, new, and refreshing”.

The first two singles of their new EP have already become the most successful songs in the history of The Heroic Enthusiasts. The successful project the duo started also attracted studio legend Stephen Hague, who became a producer and engineer for the entire Fits and Fashions EP.

In his career, Hague worked on iconic music projects with Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Peter Gabriel, and Erasure, but he complains about the difficulty to find good work nowadays, defining what The Heroic Enthusiasts are doing as a “breath of fresh air“.

What Ferrara and singer and songwriter James Tabbi are bringing to the table is music influenced by their love for Brit-pop, New Wave, and Post-Punk; blended in a project that “is primarily about the personal and social dichotomies of the world we’re living in” as James Tabbi explains.

This new project has been acclaimed by critics that defined it as “urgent and propulsive” (This is Pop) and “a slap of the 1980s” (It’s All Indie).

Listen to “Pearls” from the EP on Spotify below:


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