‘The Huntsman’ Finds New Director In Cedric Nicholas-Troyan | Film News


It was only last week that we found out that director Frank Darabont had departed his role within Universal‘s Snow White & The Huntsman sequel/spin-off, The Huntsman. Now it seems somebody has already stepped into the The Walking Dead director’s shoes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, VFX specialist and second unit director Cedric Nicholas-Troyan has taken over as director of the Chris Hemsworth flick.


While his name isn’t household recognizable you’d find it difficult not to have seen something the guy’s worked on. With titles like The Ring, Maleficent, One Hour Photo and The Pirates of The Caribbean on his work list, Troyan is seriously well known in the effects field, as well as being a stellar second unit director. The jury is out as to whether Troyan is capable of knocking this fairy-tale re-imagining out of the park, but with the chance of Emily Blunt taking on the role as villain, there’s hope for this movie yet.



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