The Lost and Found Music Group Drop A New Single ‘Scared Straight’

Dive into the sonic universe of alt-rock/hip-hop with The Lost and Found Music Group as they release their evocative new single, “Scared Straight,” featuring the profound artistry of Nathaniel “Strength” Armstrong.

Armstrong, known as Strength, demonstrates an incredible depth of self-awareness and artistic evolution. His unique blend of expressive poetic reflection adds an undeniable layer of authenticity to his performance. Advocating for himself, he gives voice to the dedication and perseverance it takes to communicate profound messages in a potent way.

Anchored by hard-hitting percussion and distorted guitars, Strength’s vocal performance is amplified by careful mixing and voice distortion. His emergence from the shadows into the light parallels the raw and captivating sonic landscape created by The Lost and Found Music Group.

Known for their genre-blending creativity, The Lost and Found Music Group is a collective of innovative songwriters. Included in their ranks is the introspective Nathaniel “Strength” Armstrong, who brings forth an exciting juxtaposition of personalities in his musical creations.

Strength’s introverted nature intertwines seamlessly with the mission of LFMG. They aim to create music that encapsulates the triumph over personal barriers and the journey of interaction with the outside world. With taking chances as one of their guiding principles, their music becomes a symbol of the inherent human potential for bettering the world.

“Scared Straight” is an exploration of faith, adversity, and wrestling with fear. It invites listeners to accept discomfort and move beyond it. The versatile songwriting style of Strength and his multi-faceted personas facilitate discussions spanning an array of topics.

The Lost and Found Music Group extends an open invitation for all to feel welcomed and to discover their true selves. Nothing is off the table with them, from discussions about love, heartbreak, to shedding the mundanity of daily life to pursue your dreams with unflinching focus.

Discover the riveting experience that is “Scared Straight” by The Lost and Found Music Group featuring Nathaniel “Strength” Armstrong below:


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