The Maccabees Confirm Recording For New Album Is Complete | Music News


The Maccabees‘ new album can be expected to be out in a few months, confirmed the band’s drummer Sam Doyle, “It’s recorded, we’re about to finish mixing next week and it’ll be out in a few months”. The band recently talked about their recording process with NME, explaining that the album was expected to be completed a year ago, but due to the band’s perfectionism and professionalism, they waited it out, kept working on it, and made it right. Felix White, guitar player and vocalist in the band, expands on their passion for developing their artwork properly adding that, “It just had to be good enough. We thought it was going to be finished a year ago, but it just weren’t quite there and now I think it’s magic, so it’s done”. To be a little more precise, the first single from The Maccabees’ new LP can be expected for release in March.



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