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A political night for film. There were some surprises, and some not, as well as an intelligent discussion of diversity.


As expected Chris Rock was not only hilarious, but managed to tackle and incorporate Hollywood diversity, or lack of it, into his monologue. He considered the bigger picture and asked questions that wouldn’t have crossed many peoples minds.


Why now? was a thought provoking point made by Chris. Why is it only now people are protesting, boycotting and talking about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, that, as Chris said, has been going on ever since The Oscars existed. His monologue is definitely worth a watch.


As many predicted Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio walked away with the Best Actor/Actress awards. Everyone is talking about Leos win, however not much conversation is happening about Brie Larson. She deserves the recognition because her film is simply brilliant, and the chemistry between her and Jacob Tremblay is second to none. Yes it’s great he has finally won an Oscar, but there are also other people who also deserve some discussion.


The supporting winners, Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl and Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spices were also not surprising. However this category is often harder to predict and not so clear cut. Alicia Vikander has had an excellent year and her performance in The Danish Girl has been slightly overshadowed by Eddie Redmayne‘s. In my opinion, she is, ‘The Danish Girl’.


The biggest surprise was probably Spotlight for best film. Most people were expecting The Revenant to win, including the film makers. The fact Spotlight won is not only good because the film was very good, but it is about a very important topic, that has now had a platform on which to stand.


It also gets a bit boring if the same film wins everything, so it was brilliant to see some variation amongst the winners. Sam Smith winning for the Bond theme, ‘Writings On The Wall‘ was also a surprise. The song received mixed reviews and the ultimate consensus being that it was not a memorable theme.


“Tonight should not determine the hard work and effort you put into your craft. … These problems of today eventually become problems of the old. Let’s not let this issue of diversity beat us.”



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