‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Our Furry Friends At Home | Film Review



Developed and produced by a company that’s clearly beginning to rival the success of both Dreamworks and Disney, Illumination Entertainment once again succeeds in bringing another unique experience to viewers that quite frankly flexes their muscle in the animation department.


The Secret Life Of Pets is a heartwarming story about Max (Louis C.K.) and his relationship with his ‘new brother’ Doug (Eric Stonestreet), as they try to put aside their difference to venture the Big Apple and return to their owner Katie (Ellie Kemper).


In all essences the film’s plot does not diverge to the conventions of the expected story, which has since been established since the days of the first Toy Story. However in spite of being generic, the film’s strongest point comes from its character development and humour.


The movie isn’t just about Max and Doug and their developing friendship, but rather many of the types of pets that can be found in New York City. Thus viewers get to enjoy the quirks and personalities of each, allowing them to see beyond the frame and realise the significance of the film’s title.


The most explicit humour could be of course be found with its most explicit actor, as Kevin Hart delivers heavy punchlines and innuendos that almost borderline’s PG 13. Though this maybe the case, it mostly allows parents to sit through the movie and enjoy the film along with their kids.


Though it doesn’t necessarily hold a candle to Disney’s compelling Zootopia in regards to story telling, it becomes an entirely different beast when delivery, characterisation, and tone are taken into account. Keeping a level of mindful cheerfulness throughout, these qualities define The Secret Life Of Pets as an entertaining experience for the whole family.



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