The Teaser Trailer For ‘It’ Introduces A Bad Bad Clown In Derry Town And The Losers’ Club | Film Trailer


At last, we have our first footage of Andy Muschietti‘s remake of Stephen King‘s emblematic horror, It, the book, which made us fall in love with terrified of clowns.


For those, who may have missed out on it or the original movie with Tim Curry, It is a two-part novel about an ancient evil, which wakes up every 27 years and goes on a killing spree. It preys on children and takes the form of their biggest nightmare but after killing the wrong child, It becomes the persecuted one for the first time.


The Losers’ Club comprises of seven children, who have all seen the monster in one form or another and unite to rid their little town of the evil once and for all. It’s most famous incarnation is that of Pennywise the Clown, who is played by Bill Skarsgård here.


The Losers’ Club includes Jaeden Lieberher as the leader ‘Stuttering’ Bill, Jeremy Rey Taylor as the chummy inventive Ben, Finn Wolfhard as Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier, Jack Dylan Grazer as the asthmatic Eddie, Wyatt Olef as the perceptive Stan Uris, Chosen Jacobs as the resourceful Mike and Sophie Lillis as the brave Bev. The movie will arrive on September 8 but, for now, check the trailer below:




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