The Trailer For Political Thriller ‘Eye In The Sky’ Is Here | Film Trailer



Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul do form a somewhat bizarre couple, but it workes for the upcoming movie Eye in the Sky, a trailer of which, has just been released.


In the trailer we can see Colonel Katherine Powell (Mirren) and drone pilot Steve Watts (Paul) working together in order to spy and capture a suspected terrorist group living in Nairobi. When they discover that the house is filled with future suicide bombers, they decide to target the house to kill the group, until a young girl is spotted in the kill zone, which arises a conflict of principles and forces everyone involved to decide on whether to start the attack.


In the eclectic cast, there are also the iconic Alan Rickman and the newcomer Barkhad Abdi, recently seen in Captain Phillip. The release date for Eye in the Sky is set on March 11. Watch the trailer below.




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