The Ugly Club – Passengers | New Music


“Passengers” is the latest single from NY/NJ based band The Ugly Club and is an absolute banger of track, this stand out single will see in the end of summer in style, and it is also the first release of an array of forthcoming singles by The Ugly Club boys. “Passenger” is a single about companionship, about running off with someone, whether it is a friend or a lover, and leaving everything behind, and it is one of the most refreshing and energetic tracks I have heard in a while.


This single just accentuates how consistent these guys are as their debut album, You Belong To The Minutes over flowed with that same psych-pop persona, and just hits you with a sense of power, leaving you a whole happier than before you began your journey with The Ugly Club, and it is safe to say I loved being a PASSENGER. Check out the new single right here.




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