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THE VANNS grew up in a small coastal town just south of Sydney, called Kiama. It all started out with a jam session and since then they never turned back.


Earlier this year the single “I’m Not The One” was released. “The lyrics are about a chaos lust affair which starts off as just a bit of harmless fun then turns into a distorted love for a beautiful woman that I could never get”. Musically the band aimed to keep it raw and the energy high to compliment this evolving anger of “not being the one”.


Their newest track, “Skinny Legs”, is just a month old and the release will be celebrated tonight (September 24) at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney.


If you’re not Sydney based but Europe, you can look forward to the band’s touring plans. “We’re keen to get over to Europe and the UK. And there are more exciting news! We’re releasing an EP soon and the next step will be to start working on our debut album”.


The lead singer, Jimmy Vann, recently started a new project, called El Grande. “I was studying at university and playing with The VANNS and the other half of El Grande, Joe Mungovan, was also doing the same uni course as I did”.


“We’d known each other since we were kids and we both hated our uni degree with a passion, it was such a drag and felt like it was holding back our potential music careers. Once we left uni we had a bit of spare time on our hands between each other’s projects and a lot of that time was spent drinking beer and writing songs”.




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