‘The Visit’: Found Footage Gives An Unforgettable Cinema Experience | Film Review



The recent success of The Visit in the United States box office is a direct result due to a number of contributing factors, but the most important factor has to be the use of found footage – which features so prominently within this film. Found Footage is able to generate an atmosphere that is incredibly intense, therefore extra tension is constructed between the characters in the film and their environment/setting.


Found footage is a widely used technique in modern cinema and has been utilised in a number of landmark horror films in the last 10 years such as Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. M Night Shyamalan decided to use this medium as his chosen format for his latest horror movie as he was utterly convinced that hand held devices do help create intimacy between audience and narrative, whereas the standard camera set up is unable to replicate the same type of audience interaction.


As The Visit is set to be released in UK cinemas very soon the only advice that one can give before you choose to see this film is to be fully prepared for some shocking surprises because with found footage you never know what is going to happen next.



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