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The Weeknd


According to Hypetrak, Abel Tesfaye a.k.a The Weeknd is facing an accusation of plagiarism over his video for “I Can’t Feel My Face“, directed by Grant Singer. The allegations come from director Mitch Moore who says that the video he worked on for Majical Cloudz has an “uncanny” resemblance to The Weeknd’s.


Moore posted a shot-by-shot comparison of the two videos on his Instagram account which would seem to show that there have been some rather generous borrowings made from his work. He said his video was never released due to creative differences. However, a version was put into circulation for the purposes of feedback and Moore is claiming that it was from this that the video for I Can’t Feel My Face was modelled.


However, Moore added an addendum to his Instagram post that softened the original accusation after the issue was picked up by various news outlets . Devon Welsh from Majical Cloudz also took to Twitter to distance himself from the accusations saying that they were “laughable” and that “a video director we didn’t particularly enjoy working with for a brief period in 2013 doesn’t speak for the band!“. It is doubtful that Moore’s claim will be upheld as although the videos are alike the features that are similar are generic. As Moore said himself of the two videos “neither premise is original“. Watch the two videos in question and read Moore’s Instagram essay below.



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