Therapy? Announce New Album ‘Disquiet’ | Music News


Northern Irish rock/metal group Therapy? have announced the release of Disquiet in March this year. May last year saw the band perform a 20th anniversary tour for their biggest selling album Troublegum. After an entirely sold out tour, the band sought to write a new album more anthemic and closer to the likes of Troublegum. Frontman Andy Cairns said: “Clearly it would be idiocy for us to attempt to recreate ‘Troublegum’, because that was a different era, and a different band lineup, but the starting point for this album for me was thinking, ‘What would the protagonist of ‘Troublegum’ be doing twenty years on?”. The 11-track album will be released March 23, with a UK/Europe tour in support of the release, dates for which can be seen here.



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