Thomasin McKenzie To Play Olympic Gymnast Kerri Strug in Biopic ‘Perfect’ | Film News


Kerri Strug is a former sportswoman in the gymnastics world. Between 1991 and 1996, she won several medals including a Gold medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. It was also during this event that she ended her career after sustaining a leg injury after two jumps. Injured, her trainer Béla Kàrolyi would carry her in his arms to accompany her on the podium.


At this point, Kerri Strug won the gold medal in the women’s artistic gymnastics team event. More than the performance itself, it was how the American athlete went about winning the prize that made her legendary.


A biopic that will return to the Olympic career of the medal-winning gymnast, under the name of Perfect is set to be produced by Olivia Wilde. Based on Strug and John P. Lopez‘s book Landing On My Feet, A Diary Of Dreams, the film will tell the true story of Kerri Strug’s inspirational Olympic journey.


The dramatic biopic Perfect will revolve around the triumphant victory of the iconic gymnast Kerri Strug at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.


According to Deadline, Thomasin McKenzie will play the role of the former Gold medalist in the film. Aged 20, Thomasin McKenzie was revealed in the third installment of The Hobbit saga but also more recently in Jojo Rabbit.


She will soon be seen in M. Night Shyamalan‘s thriller Old and Edgar Wright‘s psychological thriller Last Night in Soho.


This is a film about what real power looks like. It’s an excruciatingly beautiful story that will immerse audiences in the heart of Kerri Strug’s life, without blinking and with unfailing honesty. It’s an epic sports movie that will deliver all the wishes that make these movies so exciting to watch. And at the same time, it’s unlike any sports movie you’ve seen before”, announced Olivia Wilde about the film.


This is not Olivia Wilde’s first stint behind the camera, as she was already behind Booksmart, which is available on Netflix. Production is expected to start in January, at Searchlight Pictures.



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