Timi O Makes Space For Growth On Poetic New Track ‘SUNDAYSERVICE’

Timi O‘s new release “SUNDAYSERVICE” delves into self-reflection post-breakup, blending orchestral and evangelical elements for a moving experience. His sincerity resonates, guiding listeners through introspection.

In this track, orchestral elements are used to add depth and emotion, blended with the poetic lyrics. The gentle piano melodies provide a soothing backdrop, while the subtle percussion builds tension. Together, these elements form a captivating sound that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

In partnership with a local NYC restaurant, Timi O’s upcoming project finds culinary inspiration from his Clouds Look Like Mountains from Above EP. This innovative collaboration allows him to bring his music into everyday life.

Highlighted by DMY, ColorxStudios, A1234, Vanyaland, and Discover NU, Timi O’s talent has garnered widespread recognition. His back-to-back sold-out headliner shows and recent East Coast tour underscore his rising prominence.

Olutimileyin Ogunjobi, aka Timi O, is carving a niche in Hip-Hop with his unique blend of traditional rhythms and modern influence. His lyrics resonate with themes of vulnerability and growth. Drawing from his Nigerian heritage and love for anime, Timi O creates immersive worlds within his music.

Influenced by Hip-Hop icons like Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000, Timi O infuses his music with intricate wordplay and melody. His childhood exposure to diverse musical styles, including his father’s favorites like King Sunny Ade and K1 de Ultimate, adds other influences to his compositions.

In “SUNDAYSERVICE,” Timi O gets real, inviting listeners to grow with him. His heartfelt words and thoughtful melodies create a space for change, touching hearts along the way.

Watch the video for “SUNDAYSERVICE” below!


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