Toddla T x Protoje – England Be Wise (Mixtape) | New Music


On a recent trip to Jamaica, English DJ and record producer Toddla T got together with rising reggae artist Protoje to put together an eclectic musical package. This mixtape, entitled England Be Wise fuses closely related genres such as reggae, grime, dubstep and drum and bass. So why should you listen to it? It’ll make a winter’s day seem like you’re killing a fever back with cold beers in the shade of a beach shack. The mixtape is a playful reference to Protoje’s Kingston Be Wise, a record which attracted Toddla T towards the idea of a collaborative project.


Commenting on the original inspiration for the track, Toddla T said: “The whole UK VS Jamaica thing has been prominent in our music and culture for years and years so all I’m doing is doing my spin on it: blending the Reggae with Grime, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, plus they’re all cousins of each other anyway, so for me it was very organic and a fun project, and an honour to work with such a great artist from Jamaica”. England Be Wise is a powerful reminder that the creative process should be fun, surprising, and should put you on the spot. The mixtape was released on the Girls Music label and can be readily consumed here.




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