Tom Cruise Stars In Extended Trailer For ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ | Film Trailer

Tom Cruise stars in extended trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’


Tom Cruise stars in the extended trailer for upcoming action science fiction film Edge Of Tomorrow. Set in the future, Earth is invaded by aliens and have already destroyed the world’s military. Tom Cruise plays the lead, Major William Cage, who is a military officer sent to fight against the aliens. Minutes into fighting against the aliens, he is killed but given another chance at life – the film is a science-fiction version of Groundhog Day. The battle is repeated over and over again, enabling Cage to become better at combat to defeat the aliens. Starring alongside Tom Cruise are Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Noah Taylor. Edge of Tomorrow is directed by Doug Liman, the film premieres in UK cinemas on May 30, 2014.




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