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A Hologram For The King


Jobs are stressful things, so it’s good to see the always-seemingly tranquil Tom Hanks put through the wringer in the new trailer for A Hologram For The King. The first trailer focused on the cultural divide between Hanks’ corporate American and the Saudi Arabians he was attempting to do business with. It also focused on the romantic subplot between Hanks and Sarita Choudhury.


However, this new trailer explores the pressures of big businesses on Hanks’ Alan Clay. Having already lost his home and his wife, when he learns that his jobs rests upon the success of his pitch to sell holographic communication technology to the King of Saudi Arabia, his overwhelming life crisis causes him to suffer an anxiety attack.


It’s not all bad though. While spending time in Saudi Arabia, trying to sell his product to the King, Clay begins a journey of self-realisation with the help of his driver and companion, Yousef (Alexander Black), who will also be providing the comic relief.


A Hologram For The King arrives in cinemas April 22 and you can see the new trailer below.




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