Tom Holland Considers Тhe Perks Of Being A Teenager And Avenger In Trailer For ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ | Film Trailer


You know what people say? Third time is the charm and Sony is fully intent to prove the saying, judging by the first trailer for the newest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Previously, at Comic Con, director Jon Watts revealed that the new movie is inspired by The Breakfast Club and will focus on Peter’s (Tom Holland) integrity with his high school mates and his wish to join the Avengers clique.


The trailer opens up with our friendly neighbour calling out a band of thieves dressed up as the Avengers. We find our young hero juggling his superhero responsibilities with his life as a teenager, cue to a few sweet cameos of Jacob Batalon as Peter’s friend, Zendaya as Michelle, or MJ, and Laura Harrier as Peter’s potential love interest.


Soon enough, Peter finds himself in trouble as Vulture (Michael Keaton) starts harassing his hometown. While Tony assures him that this is a task better left for someone with a more reputable superhero portfolio, Peter feels like this is his call to prove himself as a fellow Avenger.


You can see what your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has been up to in the trailer below:




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