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We are soon approaching the release date for 22-year old California-born singer-songwriter Tori Kelly’s debut album Unbreakable Smile, soon to be released on June 23. So far, Tori Kelly has released two EPs, the first of which was titled Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly, which was produced, written and released herself in 2012. The EP contains the song “All In My Head” which demonstrates the fluidity of her angelic vocals and storytelling lyrics.


The following year, her second EP Foreword was released as her first major label release with Capitol Records under the management of Scooter Braun (who is frequently associated with Usher and Justin Beiber), and contains the song “Dear No One”, which expresses loneliness and independence through an emotionally intelligent young voice.


The EPs demonstrate just a whisper of the incredible talent the young singer-songwriter possesses, which creates an optimistic sense of anticipation for the release of her debut album. We can expect an evolution in her craft which will elevate her career and propel her into the success she deserves. Listen to Unbreakable Smile on iTunes Radio and pre-order it here.



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