Toronto Based Iranian Artist Afta Hill Releases New Track ‘ALFA’

The Toronto-based Iranian artist, Afta Hill, unveils a heartfelt new single, “ALFA“, a track lifted from his freshly released album, NOTHING nothing.

“ALFA” stands as a profound tribute to Afta Hill’s late father, who tragically passed away on the cusp of the completion of his sophomore LP.

The album launches with a hauntingly memorable sample from one of his father’s final recordings, where he can be distinctly heard uttering, “No, story starts from here…

The intriguing sample layered into the beat is in fact, the idling sound of an Alfa Romeo, cleverly alluded to at the end of the music video for the album’s premier track, “RANGE“.

The tune launches with this mesmeric, pulsating note, which is swiftly succeeded by a dramatic rise in melody orchestrated by resonant cello strings.

Afta Hill encapsulates the essence of the album through the poignant lyrics of “ALFA”, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, existential anxiety, and the palpable tension between his soaring ambition and his personal life.

In a touching tribute to his roots, he artfully incorporates two words in his native Persian in the midst of the second verse, honouring his heritage that deeply influences his creative endeavors.

Afta Hill is a versatile artist, adroitly wearing multiple hats as a producer, composer, rapper, and director. He ventured into the realm of music composition as a child, and his affinity for creating beats has only grown since.

He first gained recognition when YouTuber Casey Neistat featured tracks from his beat tapes, released under the pseudonym “SAFAKASH“, in several of his videos.

His 2021 debut studio album, Tehranto, a blend of his hometowns Tehran, Iran, and Toronto, Canada, is a testament to how his immigrant experience continually shapes his perspective and artistic expression.

This conceptual album, along with its complementary visuals, was brought to life with the collaboration of multiple Grammy Award winners, platinum producers, and local Toronto-based filmmakers.

You can explore the depth of “ALFA” by giving it a listen below:


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