Toronto Songstress Abra Taylor Unveils New Track ‘Blue Light’

Introducing Toronto indie pop artist Abra Taylor with her new single titled “Blue Light”, which was inspired by her grandmother’s steamy bodice rippers. The track is a sultry number that is reminiscent of a Harlequen novel, and it see Abra unpacking the the emotional turmoil of an unreciprocated connection.

The dark pop/R&B track is driven by haunting synths and grimy guitar arrangements, over which Abra tours the intoxication and empty defeat of succumbing to an inevitably tumultuous relationship. Her voice is enchanting on the track and her songwriting is somber, while the backdrop is moody and hard-hitting, perfect for heavy vibing and night driving.

Abra Taylor performs under her grandmother’s pen name, when she was a Harlequeen super-romance novelist. Generations later, Abra Taylor now represents the modern moody songstress that has been described as “an electric thunderstorm followed by a warm drizzle of rain on a Sunday afternoon”.

Her music is also described as dark, rich, sensual, enchanting, deliciously uncomfortable and instantly addictive. Lyrically, she is not afraid to delve deeper with her music, and she sings with raw emotion and vulnerability. Abra Taylor wants to unearth and breath life into her listeners’ innermost desires, with songs that are themed around love, longing, lust, pain, addiction, manipulation and nostalgia.

Listen to “Blue Light” below:


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