TQX + Sia – The Day That You Moved On | Music Video


The mysterious anonymous collective TQX have teamed up with the award-winning singer-songwriter Sia for a new pop single entitled “The Day That You Moved On“.


Since the Australian singer began her solo career, she has collaborated with a lot of artists from David Guetta and Madonna to Kanye West, Rihanna, Shakira and many more, so much to receive the title of the Queen of songwriting, and now it’s TQX’s turn to benefit from a Sia collaboration.


The band have declare in a statement “As an artist famed for questioning attitudes towards image and marketing by singing live with her back to audiences or with her face obscured, Sia was the perfect candidate to participate in the project. She’s brought the challenging nature of art into the pop world, which we really like“.


Indeed, this new track talks about the pain of breakup, but also the omnipresent role of technology and internet in our lives which deprive us of everything.


They are also aware about the positive changes that this new medium’s power can bring, but as they say, “There is a beautiful ironic symmetry to it. We’re putting forward this message that the internet is stealing everything, but we aim to use it to gain recognition. It is a very deliberate, mindful way of leveraging the very thing that is leveraging our lives, habits and information. It’s a kind of bite back, and we love that idea. We also love pop music!“.


The band’s new album Gobal Intimacy is also focused on this theme and takes inspiration from the dystopian prophecies of TV drama Black Mirror and the movie Her.


We are disturbed by the control that technology exerts on our lives, and social media’s power to reduce people to nothing more than cash cows. The unfolding reality of advancing technology is something that needs to be commented on. The internet has become insidious“, say TQX.


Check out this new futuristic music video of “The Day That You Move On” below:




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