Trailer For ‘Chappie’ Starring Dev Patel And Hugh Jackman Released | Film Trailer


A brand new trailer for Chappie the new Sci-fi film from director Neil Blomkamp has been released. Chappie (voiced by Sharlto Copley) chronicles the creation of a sentient robot created by Dev Patel (Skins and Slumdog Millionaire) and how the world responds to such advancement. Hugh Jackman (X-men and Les Miserables) stars as the film main antagonist who is opposed to Chappie’s creation and fears that the technology may be too advanced.


Neil Blomkamp first made his mark with his triumphant debut District 9 (2009) and followed by the Matt Damon lead Sci-fi epic Elysium (2013). Neil Blomkamp, has in relativly short space of time, made a name for himself as a real Sci-fi heavyweight and judging by the trailer, Chappie looks set to continue Blomkamp wonderful form and makes Chappie a must see for 2015.




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