Troye Sivan’s Second Album Is Finally Here: Listen To ‘Bloom’ | Music News


Today is a very special day for Australian singer Troye Sivan. Today is the release day of his second album Bloom.


Firstly analyzing the title, it clearly explains his desire to create something beautiful and about giving yourself up to a lover. Troye is a proud member and advocate of the LGBTQ+ community.


This latest project is a warm and delicate pop album about life as a young gay man. He considers himself very lucky and satisfied as he shared that his ‘coming out’ story has been quite easy and natural.


But his aim is to give more confidence and a voice to those who aren’t in his same situation and in this he’s a totally revolutionary artist, one whose existence and career are the product of choices and boundary-pushing. Being gay is an integral and visible part of his art and a full expression of his music.


Bloom is a 36 minute-long album and some of the tracks have been previously revealed from January; the titular single arrived June 6, and is a perfect summary of the entire work: “I bloom for you, play me like a love song” is the sweet refrain.


Animal” was released a few weeks ago, and is the last track of the album, which also includes “Dance To This” with his friend Ariana Grande.


It is a very spontaneous record, characterised by fragility and very interesting sound contrasts. Hopefully you will enjoy it.




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