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Feel like you have waited long enough for the next release from new comer Turan? Well don’t worry he has dropped a brand new stream of his intensely emotional and truly honest new song “Alive”, which comes as the third track from his forthcoming debut EP Persistence of Memory, set to be released this month through TRIBE Records.


“Alive” features brilliantly beautiful spoken word mixed together with deep production and hooks that captivate, and in the words of Turan, “‘Alive’ was born out of the idea of the perceived realities that we as humans often focus our energy. Worried more about how we look than actually what’s real. In the age of information where digital profiles can seem more important than the person themselves. ‘Alive’ is about dropping your mask, Letting go of how we want to be perceived and accepting ourselves as we are“.


Since Turan’s last release, he has received an array of support online from tastemakers such as Hunger Magazine, Pigeons & Planes, The 405, Huffington Post, to name a few and he has also been played on BBC Radio 1. Turan never disappoints, but simply captivates the listener time and time again or should I say track and track again. Right now, all that is left to say is, sit tight because his EP is on the horizon of which you can pre-order right here. Check out his latest release “Alive”.




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