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With word of her second album Avalanche in the pipeline, British songwriter/producer Tusks unveils her first single of the new projects “Peachy Keen“, an anthem of solidarity off the back massive International Women’s Day recently.


Powerfully ambient and brooding, from the moment the thunderous drums kick in to the last notes Tusks sings. As her vocals resonate through the track, the meaning of the song starts to shine. A beautiful sounding reminder that we still have a way to go with regards to how women are seen and treated in certain circles.


The inspiration? MP Christopher Chope and his attempt to block the up-skirting bill in UK parliament.



Tusks explains: “The first verse is kind of a rhetorical question to men who are stuck in this patriarchal male privilege where deep down I really don’t think they can be happy. The second verse is replying to these implicit rules and assumptions placed on women in our current society – there being different rules for men and women, with the idea that women are just there to facilitate men’s needs.”


The follow-up to her debut Dissolve, Avalanche is set for release on June 14, with a major headline show at London’s Village Underground on November 26.



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