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The Superbowl: the culmination of the NFL season and virtually a national holiday for Americans; a baffling phenomenon for Brits where men wearing far too much protective gear proceed to dog-pile with no obvious objective and shout nonsensical phrases at each other. Yet we celebrate it. Probably because the youth of today will pretend they care about anything if it allows them an excuse to get drunk; or that may be just me being cynical.


Regardless, the Superbowl is a transatlantic phenomenon and carries itself as such, boasting superstar performances from the likes Coldplay and Beyonce and being a popular time to reveal trailers. Last night, Superbowl 50 debuted TV spots for 10 different upcoming films, making it a gold-dust event for film buffs, and one of the more exciting ones was a first look at Matt Damon back in action as Jason Bourne in the simply titled Jason Bourne.


Not The Bourne Resolution or The Bourne Ascendancy, as would be in keeping with tradition, but just the name Jason Bourne, because this is a film about reintroducing the character in a different phase of his life after veering off-course with The Bourne Legacy. And how different this phase is: he is presumed dead; he has finally uncovered the truth about himself, Operation Treadstone and Operation Blackbriar; and he now spends his time KOing anyone he comes across in what looks like Jason Bourne’s Fight Club.


But of course, we know that the film can’t all revolve around that. The TV spot leaves the overarching narrative deliberately vague, but what we do gather is that something occurs where Jason Bourne once again comes to the attention of the CIA, having been presumed dead for years. We also know that Vincent Cassel has been cast as an assassin sent to track Bourne; that Julia Stiles will reprise her role as Nicky Parsons from The Bourne Ultimatum; and that Alicia Vikander has been cast in a mysterious role whose voice can be heard in the spot.


Paul Greengrass is returning to correct the missteps of Tony Gilroy and Jason Bourne will be released July 29. Now, without further ado, our first look at the new entry in the Jason Bourne franchise.




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