TWICE – Knock Knock | Music Video


Korean girl group, TWICE, boasts their insane popularity with their comeback song, Knock Knock!


The track hit an all-kill immediately upon release, a phrase that means the song has topped all 8 major Korean realtime music charts. Since its release last night, the track has solidified its charting position by hopping up to #1 on almost all daily charts as well. If Knock Knock claims #1 on the daily charts of Melon, Naver and Monkey3, the song will be receive a perfect all-kill certification!


The music video, released alongside the album TWICEcoaster: LANE 2, is nearing the 24 hour mark and is 500,000 views away from 10 million views and is #2 on YouTube’s trending list.


TWICE dominated the digital and physical sales last year with TT and Cheer Up, with the latter title track winning the group prestigious awards at the end of the year awards ceremonies. There’s a high probability that Knock Knock will bring the nine-membered group similar success and it’s easy to see why.


Knock Knock is an energetic, girly songs that incorporates some of the characteristics key to the success of TWICE’s previous title tracks. There’s an eclectic, funky beat laying out the perfect background to the quirky melodies. It isn’t a TWICE song without an addictive chorus or the repetition of cute catchphrases.


The music video rotates the members through three different backdrops in an abrupt fashion not unlike the unique vibe of the song. There are plenty of bright colours and girly outfits. Park Jin-young, producer and executive at JYP Entertainment (also home to Wonder Girls, GOT7 and more), even makes a cameo appearance in the video to add a dash of humour.


The music video for “Knock Knock” links directly back to the preceding music video for “TT”.


Check out the music video below and see if you can say no when TWICE come knock-knock-knocking on your door!




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