Twitch 4EVA Releases Highly Anticipated Debut EP ‘Lost’ | Music News


Ghanaian singer and songwriter TWITCH 4EVA mixes Pop, Afrobeat and R&B style in his latest debut EP Lost. The young artist already has 8 million streams, more than 100k followers on social media and he’s supported by famous platform like Spotify and Apple Music.


With the EP, Twitch has also released the video for his lead single “Baby“, a song that talks about his thoughts while exploring good feelings and aspects of living the realities of romantic relationships. The video clip offers exquisite new visuals.


The Lost EP, produced by Yung D3mz, Rayf and BoyeTheGenius, contains four tracks and, as he says in a tweet about it, “I wrote each song to capture the emotions I feel and hopefully get a piece of me with every verse“.


Regarding what inspired him to write this EP, Twitch says, “I called the project ‘Lost’ because relationships are a journey and you can get lost on the way. It’s confusing because it dictates itself, and then sometimes we don’t understand how it works. We feel lost, basically”, so the EP’s name itself best represent what the singer wants to deliver to his public.


The track titles are “Familiar”, “Baby”, “Chaskele”, “DaaDa” and each one has its own characteristics, but the theme putting them together is love, as he confesses in one of his tweets “An EP about a journey, one about a young boy lost in love!“.


The talented 22-years-old is showing the world his excellent songwriting and storytelling skills, as well as the power of his vocals, while delivering style and flow in a creative and unique way. Listen the EP and watch the video for “Baby” below:





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