Two Unknown Actors Beat 67,000 Others To Land Roles In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ | Film News

Pip Anderson and Crystal Clarke beat 67,000 people for roles in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Pip Anderson and Crystal Clarke beat 67,000 people in open auditions during November 2013 to land roles in Star Wars: Episode VII. Anderson is a British actor who is skilled at parkour which enables him to propel his body through any environment using an unbelievable amount of grace and agility. He starred in a recent advert for Spider-Man demonstrating his skills, while Clarke is an American actor residing in Glasgow, Scotland. She has stage and screen acting experience and will appear in feature film The Moon and the Sun in 2015. Star Wars: Episode VII is directed by J.J Abrams and will be released in UK cinemas on the 18th of December 2015.



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