Tyler The Creator + Kali Uchas – Perfect | Music Video



The controversial Tyler the creator is no stranger to paramount videos that leave you whimsical with exasperation and confusion. “Perfect” featuring Kali Uchas, is taken from his 2015 album Cherry Bomb and the video is infact directed by Tyler himself, and is quite vintage and colorful, with an airy effect of the blonde and the bored beau; with an appearance by Austin Feinstein.


Also news of Tyler making a guest appearance on Kanye’s up and coming album is another factor to add to the facts, maybe the UK will eventually allow him back into the country, after all as he so rightly puts it: “Now I’m getting treated like a terrorist. I’m bummed out because it’s like, dude, I’m not homophobic. I’ve said this since the beginning. The ‘hating women’ thing – it’s so nuts. It’s based on things I made when I was super-young, when no one was listening to my music“.




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