UK Afrobeats Artist Silvastone Releases New Single ‘Born Again’

UK afrobeats artist Silvastone has released a new single titled “Born Again”.

Silvastone plays all of the musical instruments on the upbeat “Born Again” which is jam-packed with the biggest excellence in every area. This is a beautifully calibrated combination of African rhythms, UK tones, and global choruses from a pioneering musician that consistently produces high-quality music.

All of these qualities are mirrored in the music video for the track, which was shot in Silvastone’s hometown of Croydon and directed by Eric Myers. The “Born Again” video combines a love story while reflecting the feel-good party.

“Born Again” sees Silvastone singing about how finding real love gives us all a sense of rebirth. On this occasion, he said: “The song as well as the title are both play on words. Let’s take a new turn. Let’s begin again. Restarting after a reset. Love or life is the same.

The timing is particularly appropriate in these days after the lockdown when many of us including myself are either starting from scratch or picking up where we left off. We all need a song like this at the moment since it’s a happy tune. Being a man of God and being ‘Born Again’ is undoubtedly the greatest thing in the world“.

Silvastone’s distinctive musical style combines the sound of his West African heritage with the influences of his upbringing in Britain. In the last few years, he has been making significant progress and is one of the leading figures in the dynamic UK afrobeats music scene.

Watch the video for “Born Again” below:


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